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Sensory Friendly Day

In 2013, the North Museum was proud to announce the Grand Opening of Sensory Friendly Day for children with autism and their families. Accommodations included an online tour of the museum, a sensory map of our exhibits, gluten-free snacks in our vending machine, and a staff training. We also added a specialized planetarium show with lower volume and the option to talk and walk around the room.

For our grand opening, we welcomed Tommyland, ASERT, Philhaven, Aaron's Acres, Lancaster Public Library and the Fulton Theater.  Visitors enjoyed activities based around the five senses and explored the museum before it was open to the general public.  

In 2014 we look forward to continuing to create accessible programs for all visitors.  Join us on April 21 for our Sensory Friendly Earth Day during Autism Awareness Month.  For more details click HERE.  For more information or for questions contact Nora Joyce at njoyce@northmuseum.org or 717-358-4513.

View our
online museum tour with your child before your visit and pick up a sensory picture map during your visit to help guide you through exhibits. Participate in one of our Mystery Box activities or enjoy our low-volume planetarium show where children are welcome to talk or walk around.


Online photo tour, Sensory Picture Map, specialized planetarium show with lower volume and option to walk around and talk, rest area with gluten-free snacks and tactile toys, staff training.

Admission is $7.50 for adults, $6.50 for children (3-17) and FREE to Members. TSS are free of charge with the purchase of regular admission.The price of admission on Sensory Friendly Mornings includes the Sensory Friendly Planetarium showing at 10 am. Additional planetarium programs are an additional $2.00 per person.

Frequently asked questions

Are the museum and planetarium open to the general public during Sensory Friendly Mornings?
The museum will be open especially for Sensory Friendly families from 9 am to 10 am but all visitors will be welcome. General Museum hours on Saturdays are from 10 am to 5 pm. We ask everyone to respect the need for a quieter museum experience during Sensory Friendly Mornings. The 10 am planetarium show is also open to the public, but will allow children to talk and walk around. Sensory Friendly admission allows families to explore the Museum for the full day. Additional Planetarium shows are at an additional admission fee.

Can groups serving adults with autism visit during Sensory Friendly Hours?
The museum is open to the public and adult groups are welcome to visit. However, any additional activities and planetarium shows will be geared towards children on the spectrum.

Can individuals with autism volunteer at the Museum?
We welcome a variety of volunteers and appreciate individual strengths.

Will Sensory Friendly Hours be available after October?
The Museum continuously strives to be available to a diverse audience. As we introduce new programs we will gage public interest and continue to offer these programs accordingly. To share your experience during Sensory Friendly Hours please contact us at