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Two Small Pieces of Glass: The Amazing Telescope

               Recommended for ages 8 and up (Grades 3-12) 

Length: Approx. 23 minutes 

Experience the power of the telescope as you’ll explore the basics of these astronomical tools while discovering the Galilean moons, Saturn’s rings, structure of galaxies, and learn about discoveries of astronomers from Galileo to Edwin Hubble. While attending a local star party, two teenage students learn how the telescope has helped us understand our place in space and how telescopes continue to expand our understanding of the Universe. Their conversation with a local female astronomer enlightens them on the history of the telescope and the discoveries these wonderful tools have made. The students see how telescopes work and how the largest observatories in the world use these instruments to explore the mysteries of the universe.                    

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The North Museum of Natural History and Science is committed to continued education of students.  This program focuses on the following Pennsylvania Educational Standards:


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