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Secret of the Cardboard Rocket

Recommended for ages 5-9 (Grades K - 4)

Length: Approx. 40 minutes       

With "Book," as their guide, the travelers seek to visit the Sun, the eight planets and Pluto. They land on Venus, Mars and Pluto, fly through the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, and view the other planets and the Sun from close vantage points. As they tour the solar system, "Book" relays interesting facts about each body, making sure his students learn something while on their wild ride. 

   This show features state-of-the-art 3D animation and a soundtrack with spectacular effects created at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch. Secret of the Cardboard Rocket is perfect for the young and young at heart!

View the trailer: 

Trailer created by Dylan Adler, Franklin and Marshall College '14  




 From viewers like you:

"Best show ever!"

"That was fun doing the video of the rocket ship. And that book had that man in it and that man was really smart and he told them what planets not to land on but they did. I had fun there." - Sierra, Kutztown Elementary School 

"That was awesome" - School Group

The North Museum of Natural History and Science is committed to continued education of students. This show focuses on the following Pennsylvania Educational Standards:

3.3.4B1 - Identify planets in our solar system and their characteristics. Describe the Earth's place in the solar system.

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