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Recommended for ages: 8 and up (grades 4- 12)

Length: 40 minutes

            Journey 80 million years back in time to when some of the most ferocious creatures prowled the Earth's oceans. Interweaving ground breaking fossil finds from around the globe with cutting edge computer generated re-creations, National Geographic's storytelling immerses you in the age when monsters ruled the seas!

Sea Monsters is sponsored by 2013 Chocolate Moose Guests and 

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure was produced by National Geographic Cinema Ventures.  Original music by Peter Gabriel and The Footnote, and narrated by Liev Schreiber.

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3.3a.6    Examine change through simple observation

3.3.4C    Identify characteristics for animal and plant survival in different climates

3.3.4D   Identify changes in living things over time

 3.3.4D1 Compare extinct life forms with living organisms

3.3.7D5 Describe the role that fossils play in studying the past

3.3.7D6 Explain how biological extinction is a natural process

3.5.4A4 Describe fossils and the type of environment they lived in