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Saturn: Ring World

Recommended for ages 10 and up (Grades 5-12) 
Length: Approx. 22 minutes

     As Saturn currently shines in our evening sky, visit the true “Lord of the Rings.” Ring World 2 revisits the Cassini Mission to Saturn as the two-story Cassini-Huygens spacecraft continues to study the ringed planet in all its glory.  From Saturn itself to its moons see the Saturnian system up close like never before as Cassini continues giving us a greater knowledge of this remarkable planet. 




  View Trailer:


 Trailer created by Dylan Adler, Franklin and Marshall College '14  



 The North Museum of Natural History and Science is commited to continued education of Pennsylvania Students. This show focuses on the following Pennsylvania Educational Standards:

The followin standards have been met:

3.3.4B1 - Identify the planets in our solar system. Describe the Earth's place in the solar system.

3.4.12A2 - Describe how management is the process of planning, organizing and controlling work.


Resources (Ed Guides, Activities, etc.): http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/scitech/display.cfm?ST_ID=1610