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In My Backyard

                     Recommended for ages 5-6 (Grades K-1) 

                                Length: Approx. 35 minutes

Presented by Coca-Cola Space Science Center and Columbus State University. Join Fred Penner from TV's Nickelodeon as he explores things large and small, from the colors of the rainbow, to reasons for the seasons and the stars at night. In My Backyard is especially designed for the youngest stargazers.

View the Trailer:


3.3a.5    Identify season that corresponds with observable conditions

                Identify how weather affects daily life

3.3a.6    Examine change through simple observation

3.3b.1    Identify the characteristics of the sun, moon, stars and clouds

3.4.4D1 Recognize earth’s place in the solar system

3.4.7D1 Compare the various planets’ characteristics