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Traveling Exhibits

Open now through September 28, 2014


Presented in collaboration with the YWCA Lancaster.

Investigate human variation through the framework of science, history and lived experience. Learn about misconceptions of race, how human variation has shaped our culture and what the future holds for our society. 

Experiencing "RACE" with a group (from your business, church, or other organization) offers a powerful opportunity to explore racism, equality, diversity, prejudice, social justice, ethnic and cultural differences, and ways to make things better. Trained facilitators from the YWCA Lancaster can help your group focus on these issues and ensure all voices are heard.

Click here for information on Discussion Circles (group reservation required)

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For additional information on "RACE," visit the exhibition's Web site: www.understandingrace.org.

“Race: Are We So Different?” is a project of the American Anthropological Association. Funded by the Ford Foundation and the National Science Foundation.