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On exhibit through September 28

Presented in collaboration with the YWCA Lancaster, "RACE: Are We So Different" offers our community the chance to start a conversation about race. Read more  

Diane Dayton Interview with North Museum and YWCA to air on BRC 11 Blue Ridge Cable 11

Diane Dayton of Behind the Lines on BRC 11 and executive director of LCTV Comcast Channel 66, recently interviewed Margie Marino, Executive Director of the North Museum, and Nick Miron, Racial and Gender Equality Advocate of the YWCA Lancaster, on the RACE: Are We So Different? exhibition currently on view through September 28, at the North.

The interview will be aired on the following days and times on Lancaster community TV – LCTV on Comcast channel 66 -

Wednesday, September 17 5:30 AM and 4 PM
Thursday, September 18 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM

Friday, September 19 9 AM and 6 PM

Saturday, September 20 9:30 AM

Sunday, September 21 3 PM

North Museum and YWCA recently on WITF Smart Talk

North Museum Marks a Century Without Passenger Pigeons

The North Museum of Natural History & Science has installed a display to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon.  Martha, (named after George Washington's wife), the last known living passenger pigeon, died at the Cincinnati Zoo September 1, 1914.  The passenger pigeon was once the most abundant bird in North America with a population in the billions in the 19th century.  The species became extinct in a span of less than 50 years due to unrestricted hunting, destruction of their natural habitat, and exploitation.  

In addition to the display, the North Museum will be joining FOLD THE FLOCK - The Passenger Pigeon Origami Project.  FOLD THE FLOCK is an initiative of The Lost Bird Project, an art-based environmental non-profit that connects people with the earth through art, aligning with the Museum's STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) initiative.

Numerous organizations from the Smithsonian Institution to the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center have joined in to help create a virtual flock of 1,000,000 origami passenger pigeons by the end of the year, 312,556 have been created to date.  They have designed an origami pattern for the passenger pigeon that is available in printed and downloadable formats at www.foldtheflock.org or patterns will be available at the North Museum.

The North Museum invites the entire community to join in the project.  Simply fold your origami passenger pigeon and drop off at the North Museum to be included in the count, and placed on display in the Museum.

The North Museum of Natural History & Science inspires curiosity, discovery, and lifelong appreciation of nature, science, and cultures through educational exhibits, collections, and programs.